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Talent Optimization


We combine broad experience with on-going research and data-driven insights to transform strategies and processes that define the employee experience (prospective, current and former), and in turn, much of what determines the climate and culture of your company. We’re help shape and improve how our client’s talent strategy, structure and processes contribute to success.

Talent Optimization: Services

Climate & Culture


By accident or on purpose, cultures happen. On purpose is better.  The TalentBoost team helps to define, transform, and maximize the insights residing in your workforce data to define employer brand messages, develop leaders and improve leadership processes, and improve candidate and employee experience.  We help build cross-functional teams that know how to collaborate, innovate, and move forward.

Total Rewards


These days, a competitive total rewards strategy is nuanced, multi-dimensional and not just about the money.  Employee benefits, development opportunities, career paths, professional recognition opportunities and an infinite range of policies and practices all contribute to the rewards environment of a company.  Assembling a total rewards strategy that best suits the unique character and needs of a company is a core strength at TalentBoost.

Core Processes


Five core processes define much of the human capital equation – Workforce Planning, Onboarding, Enrollments, Performance & Pay, and Development.  Get these right, and leaders are aligned, rules of engagement are shared, resources are used efficiently, and employees see and experience a level playing field.

Talent Optimization: Features
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