Rapid-Trace is a contact tracing company dedicated to tracing and contacting individuals who have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19. With a highly trained staff and experienced management team, Rapid-Trace is uniquely qualified to quickly and systematically alert contacts of possible exposure and provide them with the support and resources they need. Rapid-Trace hires locally to supply a trained team of “disease detectives” who operate in conjunction with public health agencies. The end goal is to stop the transmission of COVID-19. To learn more about Rapid-Trace,
visit www.rapid-trace.com.

Contact Tracer

Contact Tracers call individuals who have been identified as having had recent contact with COVID-19 patients. Contact tracers advise contacts to self-isolate and provide resources to assist in doing so. Contact tracers follow a script to complete case interviews and collect information. In communication with patients and contacts, contact tracers use a respectful approach that conveys empathy and builds trust. Contact tracers will work remotely; work hours can vary and may include weekend and evening hours.
Case Investigators lead and supervise a seven-person contact tracing team, make initial contact with COVID-19 patients, and manage the oversight of contact tracing activities resulting from communication with patients. Case investigators bring investigative knowledge and resources to the team, assign tasks to team members, and assist with investigative analysis. Case investigators will work remotely.



The Medical Resource Coordinator brings medical knowledge and resources to the contact tracing team. Medical resource coordinators serve as consultants to the team and provide information pertaining to health care and resources to support COVID-19 patients and contacts. The medical resource coordinator will have medical training (i.e. a nursing degree) and strong public health care knowledge in the local area. Medical resource coordinators will work remotely.

Medical Resource Coordinator

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