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The Institute for Public Health Innovation is hiring Contact Interviewers, Case Interviewers and Interviewer Supervisors to reach out to all Fairfax County, VA contacts of persons with probable or confirmed COVID-19 infection, counsel them on testing and quarantine, refer them for testing, and connect them to necessary resources throughout their quarantine. This is in tandem with Fairfax County Health Department’s effort to increase testing, improve communication, and implement isolation and quarantine. Apply now to work with IPHI and support Fairfax County Health Department to fortify efforts to control the pandemic in Fairfax County, Virginia!



Case Interviewers are responsible for performing the initial interview of people with probable or confirmed COVID-19 infection to gather information about symptoms, exposures, and contacts (i.e., persons the case has been in contact with while infectious). The Case Interviewer also provides information about the illness and public health guidance on the methods of disease prevention and control.

Contact Interviewer

Contact Interviewers are responsible for performing interviews of contacts (people who have been in contact with someone with a probable or confirmed COVID-19 infection) and then refer for testing if symptomatic and enrolls them in the Monitoring Program. The Contact Interviewer also provides information about the illness, as well as public health guidance on quarantine protocols, health monitoring, and more.



Interviewer Supervisors are responsible for managing a team of approximately ten (10) Contact Interviewers and/or Case Interviewers.  The Interview Supervisor, when necessary, also performs the tasks of Case Interviewers and Contact Interviewers.

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