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Introducing Learning

"What if we train everybody and they quit?"

"What if we don't train everybody and they stay?"

The TalentBoost team knows first-hand the importance of keeping your team learning and growing.  TalentBoost members want to learn more, contribute more, and grow.  Be their best option, and the ROI is enormous.

We’ve partnered with two of the world’s most influential online learning providers. One provides challenging courseware with a longer learning curve.  The other provides excellent short courseware that lets your team upskill quickly.


We call them Quick Skills and Knowledge+ and we like to think they’re your answer to keeping your team engaged and hungry for more.


A world-class collection of online learning resources and content, offering high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions. The platform features more than 130 global partners


Imagine the retention power of offering full-credit university courses that cost a few hundred dollars, not a few thousand.  Now imagine the retention power of offering this to their family!


Courses in Computer Science, Languages, Engineering, Business, Psychology, Writing, Electronics or Marketing, EdX has course content for you. Many EdX users build learning tools from the content within the platform, creating innovative solutions that benefit learners everywhere.

Quick Skills

You need to hire and this time you need someone both dedicated and driven towards seeing your business exceed expectations. Finding the right person, not just the first person, requires 

something more than your already precious business time - it takes experience, organization and commitment.

The Hiring Hub is your ticket to talent and offers an abundance of helpful hiring resources that will help ensure your next hire is perfectly aligned to your business’ goals. With TalentBoost, you can achieve this through two different approaches:

Experience a TalentBoost


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