Partners in Health is hiring Contact Tracers, Resource Coordinators and Case Investigators to reach out to all Massachusetts contacts of COVID patients, counsel them on testing and quarantine, refer them for testing, and connect them to necessary resources throughout their quarantine. This is in tandem with Commonwealth-wide efforts to increase testing, improve communication, and implement isolation and quarantine. Apply now to work with PIH to fortify efforts to control the pandemic in Massachusetts.

Contact Tracer

Contact Tracers identify individuals who may have come in physical contact with a COVID-19-infected person and then collect further information about these contacts.

Care Resource Coordinator 

COVID Care Resource Coordinators will conduct a virtual needs check and connect at-risk COVID-19 positive patients and people in quarantine to community resources.

Case Investigator

The Case Investigator will supervise a unit of 7 to 10 people working remotely. This unit will be collectively responsible for calling people with COVID-19, helping make care plans for people with COVID-19, identifying and collecting contact details of people with COVID-19 and their contacts, and connecting contacts with various services (including social support structures, testing, clinical care, etc.). 
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